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Our Added Value

  • Design work always includes a focus on Energy Efficiency
  • Access to a number of major lighting brands
  • Technical Experts with vast knowledge on LED technology
  • Ability to finance projects
  • Availability of Shared Savings Models
  • An in-house Lighting Laboratory to test and evaluate product performance

Lighting Laboratory

Magnet's Head Office (Durban) has access to the onsite Energywise Lighting Laboratory which offers complete photometric, electric and thermal testing of light sources and luminaires. The lab is equipped with with a full range of photometric equipment including two goniometers, 2.4m diameter integrating sphere, 1.2m wide thermal incubator oven and thermal imaging instruments.

With over 60 years of combined lighting experience, the legacy of learning and evolution in accuracy is at he the core of Energywise and fueled by the passion of the technicians who run the lighting laboratory. This is just another added value of working with Magnet whom are constantly testing and evaluating product performance to ensure that only the best performing lighting solutions are offered to our clients.

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