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Avery Dennison

Energy Efficient Lighting Installation

Energy savings achieved at the Cape Town Plant:
Connected Load Savings - 9.38kW
% Savings of Connected load - 43%
Maximum Demand Savings - 9.57kVA
% Savings of Maximum Demand - 43%
Monthly Operational Load Savings - 4023.39kWh
Average Load Savings over a 24h week-day - 7.96kW
Expected Monthly savings (kWh only) - R4829.27
ROI period (kWh & kVA) - 29 months

Energy savings achieved at the Durban Plant:
Connected Load Savings - 19.02kW
% Savings of Connected load - 46%
Maximum Demand Savings - 19.41kVA
% Savings of Maximum Demand - 46%
Monthly Operational Load Savings - 9174.58kWh
Average Load Savings over a 24h week-day - 718.01kW
Expected Monthly savings (kWh only) - R11 926.96
ROI period (kWh & kVA) - 22 months

Load and Cost Summary at the Durban Plant:
ExistingProposedSavingsPercentage Savings
Connected Load (kW)41.6422.6219.0246%
Maximum Deman (kVA)42.4923.0819.4146%
Day Average 24hrs (kW)25.257.2418.0171%
Day Average 06h00 - 18h00 (kW)37.3611.9725.3968%
Day Average 06h00 - 22h00 (kW)36.8110.1426.6772%
Day Average 18h00 - 20h00 (kW)35.154.6530.5187%
Evening Average 18h00 - 06h00 (kW)13.132.5110.6281%
Operation Load (kWh)12980.963806.389174.5471%
Electricity Costs (kWh)R16875.25R4948.29R11926.9671%
Electricity Costs (kVa)R16875.25R4948.29R11926.9671%

Both projects were highly successful, and received great reviews from the Avery Dennison management.