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Energy Efficient Lighting Installation

Magnet was appointed technology suppliers for the installation of an energy efficient lighting management system for Boxer Superstore, which opened in Cape Town at the end of 2015.

The demand for electricity for a least 14 operating hours a day necessitated the need for a reliable, low-energy system to efficiently illuminate the site, which is about 2300 m². Magnet’s solution for the project involved the combination of robust light fittings and the latest LED technology, called MARS.

An acronym for Modular, Adaptable, Retrofit Serviceable, MARS LED lighting systems have been designed for energy efficiency and optimum quality of light in commercial buildings, retail, warehouses and distribution centres, parkades and perimeter installations.

As applied in retail outlets, MARS not only reduces electricity consumption at the Boxer Superstore, it also enhances the supermarket’s aesthetics, creating a pleasant shopping experience for consumers. Their linear solution allowed for crisp uniformity and low glare which enhanced the shopping experience for Boxer customers.