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Eskom KZN Buildings

Energy Efficient Lighting Project

Eskom called on Magnet to investigate the potential savings that could be achieved in all of their KwaZulu-Natal buildings. A comprehensive study performed by Magnet revealed a possible saving in Eskom’s electrical capacity by 0.433MW.

Magnet’s objective for this project was to reduce the lighting load at all Eskom buildings in the greater KZN area. The project involved the following:
  • Replacing existing light fittings with equivalents of higher energy efficiency
  • Retrofitting existing fittings with new control gear e.g. magnetic ballasts were replaced with electronic control gear
  • Re-lamping existing fittings with more efficient lamps where necessary
  • Leaving existing fittings as is, where necessary

The project took place at over 100 sites in Eskom’s Eastern region, where 11 000 light fittings were installed. The project saved 45% of the initial load, with an accumulative saving of 440kW. These savings were verified by the University of North West.

Number of
Eskom Buildings
Number of FittingsWattage% Saving
10611 000 Fittings440kW45%

The savings were verified by the university of North West


This lighting project was completed in 2011 at 6 eThekwini sites and further sites shall be upgraded in the near future.

NoeThekwini SiteProject ValuekW Saving% Saving
1Durban MetroR4884 615.2643.00kW48%
2Rennies HouseR703 943.5260.85kW35%
3City HallR100 668.299.83kW20%
4Liberty TowersR277 541.3335.00kW33%
5Refernce Library
Florance Mkhize
R857 088.25122.96kW52%
6City EngineersR936 771.9286.6248%