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Project References

Lighting Projects Industrial

Energy efficient lighting occupancy sensor installation at UniLever’s Boksburg Distribution Centre

UniLever approached Magnet seeking a solution to further improve the energy efficiency of their DC in Jozi Park, Boksburg. With the DC already deemed “Energy Efficient”, UniLever’s request required a unique solution from Magnet.

Magnet went straight to the drawing board and subsequently developed an ingenious product with innovative features, called Lite-C. The project involved the installation of this programmable lighting control system, able to detect movement within the aisles, utilising a Radio Frequency Communication Control System (uniquely designed for warehouse lighting) to control the entire lighting network – a FIRST in the country!

Furthermore, the Lite-C complete plug-and-play system has logic for control beyond that of simple occupancy sensors. Special mention is made of the fact that the entire system, right down to the control board, was locally designed and manufactured - “Proudly South African”.

Lite-C makes use of three major parts:

  1. Output Devices - Mounted at the light fitting as a plug-and-play system.
  2. Input Devices - These worked in conjunction with Occupancy Sensors and provided the signal for movement detection.
  3. Central Processing Units - This is the “brains” behind the control system that allows for system monitoring, control changes and also specific control philosophy. One of the key features is emergency lighting - at any even given time, a selected number of lights would be left on to provide a minimum lux level, even if there is no movement. The system also intelligently alternates the lights left on so that lamp life is balanced out over the fittings.

Summary of the concept behind this unique lighting system:

The sensors detect movement within the aisles and the RF system then sends a command signal to switch the aisle lights on or off, based on the motion detected. The below graph depicts a summary of the savings achieved with the installation of Lite-C.

Lighting Projects Commercial

Energy efficient lighting project at Woodhead Bigby Attorneys

A long standing relationship with Woodhead Bigby Attorneys culminated in Magnet being called on to provide a lighting solution for the firm’s new offices in Umhlanga.

The design objective of the lighting system required the selection of low energy fittings that would enhances the aesthetics of a professional office environment and ensure the right amount of light when and where it was needed.

Magnet has extensive experience in identifying energy saving opportunities and implementing appropriate eco-friendly solutions to reduce waste electricity. To ensure low power consumption and maximum comfort for the occupants of the revamped building, over 100 low energy internal light fittings and lamps along with occupancy sensors, which save hours of wasted lighting each day, were installed throughout the building.

Philips 30W & 60W SmartBright troffers were used in the office spaces and 10W & 17W SmartBright down lights were installed in other areas to achieve the required lux levels and colour temperature.

The reduced lighting consumption lowers operating costs, and helps to decrease Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Additional savings include reduced lamp replacements and maintenance requirements, and lower power demand during peak hours.

Scott Bigby of Woodhead Bigby Attorneys says that the firm is “thrilled with the lighting solution provided by Magnet” He also makes a point that because “… power consumption on lighting is extremely low it is therefore also generator-friendly during outages.”

Lighting Projects Retail

Magnet supplied a range of light fittings to the Q’Dos fashion outlet at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga, Durban.

The design objectives of this prestigious project required special lighting to create an enchanting ambience in the store, and to accentuate the distinct styles, textures and colours of the exclusive Q’Dos clothing collection. The installation encompassed the selection of four different types of light fittings, with high luminous flux, to perfectly suit the area illumination of this environment. These fittings include downlights, recessed and surface ceiling lights, as well as strip lights.

SLV fittings, with the latest design and LED technologies, were selected to create the perfect lighting effect. The SLV SUPROS range consists of three downlights, one surface-mounted rotatable downlight, a recessed downlight, and a pendant option (which was not used in this design).

This energy efficient lighting range has been designed with the flexibility for personal styling. Integrated and wide flooding reflectors can be exchanged with reflectors with smaller beam angles, without the need for any tools. LED solutions and dimmable products with retrofit lamps, as well as devices with integrated dimmable LEDs are also available.

Glenn Rogers of Partners in Design, shared his gratitude with Magnet regarding this installation, “From our first meeting at the Magnet showroom, Kaylen approached each lighting challenge with ingenuity and a thorough technical assessment. We were impressed with his attention to detail and professional attitude throughout. The finished interior of Q’Dos certainly reflects the quality of lighting design and quality fittings required.”

Magnet’s understanding of lighting systems, coupled with design and installation services, in-house testing facilities and experienced lighting engineers, ensures enhanced aesthetics and optimum energy efficiency in diverse industries.

SLV’s technical and decorative interior and exterior lighting devices, are available in South Africa exclusively from Magnet. The company supports this comprehensive product range with a technical advisory, installation and maintenance service.

Magnet was appointed technology suppliers for the installation of an energy efficient lighting management system for Boxer Superstore, which opened in Cape Town at the end of 2015.

The demand for electricity for a least 14 operating hours a day necessitated the need for a reliable, low-energy system to efficiently illuminate the site, which is about 2300 m². Magnet’s solution for the project involved the combination of robust light fittings and the latest Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, called MARS.

An acronym for Modular, Adaptable, Retrofit Serviceable, MARS LED lighting systems have been designed for energy efficiency and optimum quality of light in commercial buildings, retail, warehouses and distribution centres, parkades and perimeter installations.

As applied in retail outlets, MARS not only reduces electricity consumption at the Boxer Superstore, it also enhances the supermarket’s aesthetics, creating a pleasant shopping experience for consumers.