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Toyota Boshoku

Energy Efficient Lighting Project

Toyota required a lighting upgrade at their Boshoku plant, for which Magnet proposed an energy efficient design, encompassing the management of lux levels and the measurement of power usage.

Lux Levels:

As part of the energy proposal, Magnet looks at improving the working environment of the employees by not only increasing Lux Levels, but also by simultaneously improving the visual effect within the work place. At Toyota Boshoku, this was achieved by power measurement.

Power Measurement:

When measured, the power at the Boshoku plant showed a definite decrease in consumption from +/- 420 Watts to +/- 260 Watts. This is well within the predicted saving guarantee of 90%, with only 1 – 3 % allowance.

As such, Magnet’s Energy Proposal to Toyota was based on the following two opportunities:
  • Energy-efficient lighting for the warehouses
  • Occupancy sensors for the office block

Prior to the above installations, Magnet prepared criteria and audits to verify and prove their findings, subject to the terms and conditions of the Project Specifications and Guarantees. All recordings were captured in the presence of a Boshuko manager.

DC NumberC/breaker
Measurement (W)
Measurement (W)
Savings in
% Savings
Total Average 60.00%

As indicated above, the Toyota Boshoku project was a huge success, with all anticipated savings being achieved according to predictions related to the scope of this project.