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Unilever Umhlanga Ridge

Energy Efficient Lighting & Occupancy Sensors

Owing to past energy savings Magnet assisted Unilever with, Magnet was again called upon to improve the energy efficiency for Unilever, this time at their Umhlanga Ridge offices.

For this project, occupancy sensors were installed in various areas throughout the Unilever facility, including a lighting upgrade. The project included the administration building and the multi-story parkade.


The project also involved the replacement of LED and 35W down lighters to 5W LEDs, as well as retrofitting of the current fittings with new control gear and the installation of occupancy sensors.

The calculated average Savings per week will be 50-55% and over the weekend, the savings are between 65-75%. A total savings of 56kW was expected on completion of the project, however this project is exceeding expectations with the actual savings being greater than what was anticipated. Furthermore, this project is expected to have 17 months return on investment.

Connected Load (kW)251.26189.0062.2662.26
Day Average (kW)251.26189.0062.2662.26
Evening Average (kW)251.26189.0062.2662.26
kWh (Month)182774.3953370.82129403.57129403.57
Cost (Month)R71282.01R20814.62R50467.39R50467.39