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Energy Efficient Lighting & Occupancy Sensors

Unilever approached Magnet seeking a solution to further improve the energy efficiency of their DC in Jozi Park, Boksburg. With the DC already deemed “Energy Efficient”, Unilever’s request required a unique solution from Magnet.

Magnet went straight to the drawing board and subsequently developed an ingenious product with innovative features, called Lite-C. The project involved the installation of this programmable lighting control system, able to detect movement within the aisles, utilising a Radio Frequency Communication Control System (uniquely designed for warehouse lighting) to control the entire lighting network – a FIRST in the country!

Furthermore, the Lite-C complete plug-and-play system has logic for control beyond that of simple occupancy sensors. Special mention is made of the fact that the entire system, right down to the control board, was locally designed and manufactured - “Proudly South African”.

Lite-C makes use of three major parts:
1. Output Devices
Mounted at the light fitting as a plug-and-play system.

2. Input Devices
These worked in conjunction with Occupancy Sensors and provided the signal for movement detection.

3. Central Processing Units
This is the “brains” behind the control system that allows for system monitoring, control changes and also specific control philosophy. One of the key features is emergency lighting - at any even given time, a selected number of lights would be left on to provide a minimum lux level, even if there is no movement. The system also intelligently alternates the lights left on so that lamp life is balanced out over the fittings.

Summary of the concept behind this unique lighting system: The sensors detect movement within the aisles and the RF system then sends a command signal to switch the aisle lights on or off, based on the motion detected. The below graph depicts a summary of the savings achieved with the installation of Lite-C.

kVa Reduction103.54365
Monthly SavingsR3953.24R13870.0023.6%
kWh Reduction per month280361.56426663
Monthly Saving from kWhR176627.78R268797.8342.0%
Total Winter Months SavingsR248500.0035.5%
Total Summer Months SavingsR398500.0036.7%
Annual Savings(2013)R3432000.00
Return on Investment(months)8.5