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Woodhead Bigby

Energy Efficient Lighting Project

A long standing relationship with Woodhead Bigby Attorneys culminated in Magnet being called on to provide a lighting solution for the firm’s new offices in Umhlanga.

The design objective of the lighting system required the selection of low energy fittings that would enhances the aesthetics of a professional office environment and ensure the right amount of light when and where it was needed.

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Magnet has extensive experience in identifying energy saving opportunities and implementing appropriate eco-friendly solutions to reduce electricity costs. To ensure low power consumption and maximum comfort for the occupants of the revamped building, over 100 low energy internal light fittings and lamps along with occupancy sensors, which save hours of wasted lighting each day, were installed.

Philips 30W & 60W SmartBright troffers were used in the office spaces and 10W & 17W SmartBright down lights were installed in other areas to achieve the required lux levels and colour temperature.

The reduced lighting consumption lowers operating costs, and helps to decrease Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Additional savings include reduced lamp replacements and maintenance requirements, and lower power demand during peak hours.

Scott Bigby of Woodhead Bigby Attorneys says that the firm is “thrilled with the lighting solution provided by Magnet” He also makes a point that because “… power consumption on lighting is extremely low it is therefore also generator-friendly during outages.”