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Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Residential and municipal street lighting 
  • Self sustaining solar LED street lighting
  • Ecological | Efficient | Sustainable | Independent 

Solar Eco offers a range of solar street lighting poles that go beyond what we have come to expect from solar technology. Whether it be for roads, highways, pedestrian walkways, jogging paths or housing estates, Solar Eco street light poles look the part and will provide an ongoing solution to independent off grid street lighting. 

Solar Pedestrian Light Pole: Ideal for boardwalks, pedestrian lanes, parks and communal areas. 

Solar Street Light Pole: Outdoor residential and municipal street lighting. 

Solar Highway Light Pole: Outdoor residential and municipal street and highway lighting. 

Due to its unique management system, the solar street light ensures high performance and reliability in all weather conditions and in the most challenging solar radiance environments with an outstanding unique design. 

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