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Magnet has a wide range of heat pumps available from Air Source, Water Source, Domestic Combination Units and High Temperature special application Heat Pumps.

No two installations are the same. Magnet will design and customise the right solution for your specific application. Call us now for a FREE audit.

Electrical Power Recorders are installed to analyze current loads and running costs. A detailed feasibility report is issued containing an accurate return of investment calculation.

Speak to our specialist about Project Finance Solutions, a simple monthly lease agreement with no upfront payments and let your savings finance the capital investment.

Heat Pump Overview

Hot Water generation using a Heat Pump is the most reliable, cost effective and efficient means of hot water production. Using standard reverse cycle air conditioning principals, heat pumps absorb free energy from the heat in the ambient air or water source. Heat pumps, unlike solar, can operate 24/7, day and night in temperatures ranging from –7 degrees celsius to 43 degrees celsius, ensuring hot water is delivered when required. New advances in compressor technology and materials used for heat exchanges and components ensure that these units deliver the highest efficiency and COP.


  • Safety
  • High efficiency
  • Energy and cost savings
  • All weather running
  • Environmentally friendly


Model Applications

Direct Heating Air Source Heat Pump
  • High efficiency air source heat pumps produce water at the desired set point temperature, regardless of cold inlet water temperature.
  • Improved efficiency and thermal storage stratification.
  • No mixing of cold and hot water in the tank.

High Temperature Heat Pumps
  • Special application high temperature heat pumps can produce water temperature 75 – 80 degrees celsius.
  • Gas sub-cooling cycle allows for cooling of compressor to produce high temperatures for special applications
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Geothermal / Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Water source heat pumps use water as a heat source, unlike air source heat pumps
  • Allows for special applications for heating water but also cooling source water
  • Can be linked into AC chilled water return or condenser water to pre-chill
  • Providing savings on hot water generation and air conditioning / HVAC systems